Some Insights about BWS Data Processing

event_note September 14, 2017
Where is my biometric data stored? The BWS (BioID Web Service) server and storage components are lo

The Accuracy of BioID's recognition

event_note June 29, 2017
The accuracy of biometric systems is measured with two rates: False acceptance (FAR): how often an impostor is incorrectly recognized as a l

Multifactor and Multimodal

event_note May 18, 2017
Most internet users today have hundreds of online accounts, each with a username and password. People simply can’t memorize that many unique

Privacy of your BioID Account

event_note March 09, 2017
Some people are concerned about biometrics and privacy. To address those concerns we want to explain some concepts of our service. The key t

The Importance of a Good Enrollment

event_note November 09, 2016
How does BioID recognize my face? We naturally recognize each other by the way our faces look. BioID works in much the same way. To be recog


event_note September 07, 2016
By default, using sophisticated motion analysis our patented liveness detection always checks to m

Multi-factor Authentication with the BioID Account

event_note June 01, 2016
Single-Factor Authentication If you choose not to enable multi-factor authentication, you can log in with your choice of password or biometr

Trying the BioID Web Service REST API with Windows PowerShell

event_note May 27, 2015
In a recent blog post we described how to interact with the BioID Web Service (BWS) RESTful

Trying the BioID Web Service REST API with cURL

event_note May 22, 2015
Let's try to do some hands-on REST with the BioID Web Service (BWS) You'll need to already

Applying for a free BWS trial instance

event_note May 22, 2015
It has been a while since the first blog post Applying for a BWS trial instance was published. Basically the process stayed the same but the

Browser Wars

event_note April 30, 2015
HTML5 is great! Finally we can get rid of proprietary third party plugins like Adobe Flash Player or Mic

The New User Management

event_note April 28, 2015
On the new BioID Playground we changed the user management. For the old BioID Playground we used identity fede

The New Playground

event_note April 27, 2015
We recently published a new version of our BioID Playground web site matching the layout and style of our BioI

BioID Web Service serviceModel configuration

event_note April 22, 2015
If you are writing a Windows client- or web-application that is intended to access the BioID Web Service

BWS command line interface using SOAP

event_note June 11, 2014
In a previous post we explained how to build a VisualStudio application that can access a BioID Web Service (BWS) using SOAP requests and ga

Performing BWS tasks with JavaScript using REST

event_note June 11, 2014
We already provided some .NET samples to access the BioID Web Service (BWS) using SOAP requests, e. g. with the BWS command line interface h

Prepare your samples!

event_note April 07, 2014
Time for an follow-up on image samples upload. The efficiency of your application using the BioID Web Service

Upside down, boy you turn m

event_note September 27, 2013
Be aware that the BioID Web Service (BWS) does not auto-rotate images if the EXIF https://en.wikipe

BioID App Pic4Pass

event_note July 15, 2013
Page does not exist anymore! The BioID Apps page is no more. At the BWS File Upload section (login required) y

BioID App Extract Face

event_note July 14, 2013
Page does not exist anymore! The BioID Apps page is no more. At the BWS File Upload section (login required) y