Boosting Your Enrollment Fu

event_note September 17, 2012

You may have read our post Enrollment 101 already but there are even more ways to improve the quality of the enrollment.

We All Get Older…

... and we change a little bit while doing so. So a re-enrollment from time to time can really help our system to recognize you better. Just record sand upload new samples. The system removes data with lesser quality automatically.

Full of Light and Shadow

One main problem for face recognition systems are the lighting conditions! If the light intensity or direction changes dramatically the reliability of the service may decrease. You can increase it again by supplying samples recorded under the new conditions. However if the quality is too poor we do the same as human eyes would do–give up.

Start From Scratch

If you have the feeling that the results are not satisfying and nothing helps you can discard all old data and make a fresh start. To do so just check the Overwrite old Enrollment Data in the upper right corner of the enrollment page. All old data will be discarded upon feeding fresh samples to the system.