Enrollment 101

event_note September 17, 2012

Of course you can simply start uploading some images and then proceed to the more interesting parts of the service. But it cannot be overstated that a good enrollment is the most crucial step in order to achieve the best results.

Therefore, we want to show some tips and tricks for a better BioID Playground experience.

Five Are Better Than One!

You know this situation from getting to know somebody. The more encounters you had, the easier you'll recognize him or her. The same applies for biometrics, only that we don't reach the capacity of the human brain (yet). You should capture at least five samples (even if one sample would be sufficient) to improve the accuracy of the service. For even better results you should move and turn your head slightly.

Two Are Better Than One - Not

That’s not about the number of images but more about the faces in one image. Maybe someone else is looking into the camera along with you while you capture the image. If our system detects more than one face it can’t use it and refuses the image. How is it supposed to know which face is yours? You’re just starting to get to know each other…

Look Into My Lens

What the system likes most is images of you looking straight into the camera. So before clicking the Photo button to record an image look straight into the camera for best results.

Five is enough

Now to voice recordings: It should be longer than 0.4 seconds but should not be longer than 5 seconds. After this time, our system automatically stops recording. No matter what you chooses, you should always repeat the same utterance for subsequent samples. The phrase you use is not secret but our system has to learn how you–and only you–speak those words.