First Steps Using The Playground

event_note September 15, 2012

Before you can start playing around with the biometric services on the BioID Playground first the system has to get to know you. This process is called enrollment.

Then you can perform a verification or identification of the person you enrolled.

Sign In

The BioID Web Service used for this operations is anonymous but somehow your data has to be connected to an identity. If you enroll one day and return the other day to play with BioID Playground our system has to recognize you somehow to map you with the the appropriate biometric features stored earlier.

You can use your existing login at facebook, MYBioID, Yahoo!, Google or Windows Live ID to sign up. And it really does not matter if this is your real user id or if you use a temporary one. No additional registration is required. In Profile you can then change your name for your identity to a more descriptive one.


After signing in you can proceed to Enrollment. Start with some images of you taken with your webcam by clicking on the On button and then clicking on Photo several times. Upload the images with the Enroll button in the lower right corner of the screen.

This will take a short while. A page Enrollment Result will be shown soon afterwards showing you how successful the operation was.

Now you can proceed to Verification or to Identification to find out if our service really recognizes you!