Is it Me and Who am I?

event_note September 18, 2012

After enrollment you can proceed with two interesting services: verification and identification. While the first one answers the question if you are really the person who you claim to be the latter should find you in a group of people.

Me, Myself and I

To verify yourself Sign In and proceed to Verification then. Now you can use the Microsoft Silverlight control to gather images or audio recordings or upload samples from your local disk drive to see if the image or voice matches to the person signed in to the service.

Best Match

The second operation you can perform after the enrollment is identification. It can also be found on the page after signing in.  If you upload a image or voice sample for identification of yourself the result page will present you a list of Biometric Class IDs (BCID) and a score next to it. If anything went well your BCID should be at top of the list with the highest score. Your BCID is shown beneath the list (as well as on the top of the page if you didn't assign a name or alias to your identity or on your profile page. If you uploaded a image or voice sample of an other person the BCID of the person which resembles most to the sample will be on top of the list.

Trigger Happy

Did you notice the small arrow button on the right side of the webcam view?

Playground Open Settings

If you click that button a pane opens up where the camera and audio settings can be changed. Also there's a checkbox at the bottom of the pane labeled Activate MotionDetector. If this box is checked the camera will automatically shoot a second photo if a motion of the person sitting in front of it is detected  - very convenient! 

We're Doing it Live

On the upper right of the enrollment page and the identification page a checkbox Live Detection can be enabled. On the verification page it is enabled by default. If this is enabled you have to upload two images taken subsequently with your webcam to the BWS. The BioID Web Service will use BioID's liveness detection on the samples and reject the images if they weren't recorded by a live person.