No Silverlight? No Problem!

event_note October 02, 2012

Our demo system BioID Playground showing our biometric technology uses a user interface developed with Microsoft Silverlight to access camera and microphone for face and voice samples. Since we've been already familiar with this development tool it was a natural choice for implementing a first user interface to our BioID Web Service.

But this is only a show case and any other technology capable to deal with media devices and create SOAP requests could have been used. Silverlight Plugins for the most common web browsers running on Microsoft Windows or Apple's Mac OS X for Intel are available from Microsoft and are easy to install. For GNU/Linux there's a free plugin called Moonlight available.

However if you use a different operating environment or can't or don't want to install the plugin in your web browser there's still the possibility to upload the samples from your local storage. First you have to make some photos of your face or record some voice samples with another application or device. Then sign in on BioID Playground with your identity provider and proceed to either Enrollment, Verification (if you're already enrolled) or Identification.

The web browser may complain about the missing Plug-in but this can safely be ignored. Beneath the plugin on each page there's is a form field with the text You can also add some files from disk: and if you click the Browse button on the right side of the field a file selection box will open up where you can select the samples you captured earlier. By pressing the button Enroll, Verify or Identify (depending on which page you are currently) the samples will be uploaded to the BWS just like you've captured it with the Plug-In!