Manage your Patterns

event_note January 21, 2013

With the new release of the BioID Web Service you may have noticed that one setting is not available on the enrollment page anymore: Overwrite old Enrollment Data.

Overwrite old Enrollment Data

If you enabled this option and uploaded one or more new samples to the BWS, all of your old samples where deleted before enrolling the new ones. You could even delete all samples for your BCID by submitting no new samples at all while switching Overwrite old Enrollment Data on. Now this option is missing. Where did it go?

Well, first this was an all or nothing approach we didn't like very much and second since this is the playground for the BWS one should have the opportunity to actually play around with the patterns for the different traits. 

So if you head over to your profile page you'll notice that there is a new section called Patterns used for your biometric enrollment. Expand the section by clicking on the blue title bar and you'll see up to thirty patterns for each trait used for creating the biometric template by the BioID Web Service. 

The different traits are organized in columns. If you only use images there's only one column and if you use face and voice then there are two columns for the different sample types.

BWS Patterns

On top of each sample you can see the date and time of the recording. By clicking on an image it is displayed in its actual size and if you click on the representation of an audio recording your browser should replay your uttering (Remember to turn your speakers on!). 

If you click on the tiny red garbage can next to a sample it will be deleted immediately! And if you scroll to the bottom of the page you'll notice a link Delete all my biometric data. Clicking on it does exactly what it says but you'll be asked for confirmation of course. 

Here you can check the trait patterns used by the BioID Web Service for creating the biometric templates and play around with different sets by removing specific samples. Also you can replay your audio recordings and see how our face finder has found and cut out your face out of the original image. And yes, we use only a black and white version of your photo...