BioID App Extract Face

event_note July 14, 2013

Page does not exist anymore!

The BioID Apps page is no more. At the BWS File Upload section (login required) you can find most of the functionality of the former page. 

The Extract Face web application is implemented using the Quality Check method of the BioID Web Service (BWS).

You can record a sample image with the web cam or select an image from disk for upload. Continue by pressing the Check button. Surely you noticed the field Parameter set to use: pre-filled with BioID in the upper right corner. We'll explain that field in the next blog post. For now you can safely ignore the setting and keep the default value.

After uploading and processing the image the result page appears. For each supplied image two images in a row are shown. On the left side is the original image displayed and on the right the resulting image.

Extract Face first searches for a face in the image and then for the iris of each eye. Next it crops the image so that only the face is shown and depending on the iris or eye position it also rotates the image so that both eyes are aligned horizontally.

Right next to the image warnings from the operation are shown, e.g. image to small or image too dark. On the bottom of the page the result message from the API is shown. This is the resulting XML file from the Quality Check method of the BioID Web Service you'll receive if you use the method in your own application instead of the BioID web application.

For each image you supplied the error strings are returned if any and the eye positions' X/Y coordinates if a face was found. Also the processing time and total service time is displayed.

In the next blog post we'll take a look into the other BioID App Pic4Pass and explain the parameter sets you can use.