BioID App Pic4Pass

event_note July 15, 2013

Page does not exist anymore!

The BioID Apps page is no more. At the BWS File Upload section (login required) you can find most of the functionality of the former page.

In the previous blog post the BioID app Extract Face was introduced. Now we will explain the use of the web application Pic4Pass.

This application is another implementation of the BioID Web Service (BWS) Quality Check method. You can upload one or more images - either recorded with your web cam or uploaded from disk - and it is automatically tested for compliance with a specific set of parameters. The parameter set can be selected by changing the Parameter set to use: field in the upper right corner.

The default BioID parameter set is a slight modification of the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for Machine Readable Travel Documents (see ICAO Document 9303 and ISO/IEC 19794-5:2005 / ISO/IEC 29794-5:2010 for details). ICAO conform checks are performed if you use the string ICAO in the parameter field on the Pic4Pass page. If you'd like to test for a specific parameter set of a country you can supply the country code, e.g. US for the United States or GB for United Kingdom. In the SOAP API documentation for the BWS Quality Check the complete set of allowed parameters is shown.

After recording one or more images with the web cam or selecting the images from the disk the check is performed by pressing the Check button. On the Quality Check Results page two images are shown in a row for each supplied image. On the left the original image is displayed and on the right you can see the cropped image usable for documents with biometric identification capability.

Also the image is checked for the parameter set you selected on the previous page. If the image doesn't fulfill the requirements of the parameter set an explanation of problems with the image is shown on the right side of the result page. On the bottom of the page the complete XML message returned from the BWS API is shown.

The BWS Pic4Pass web app is only a demonstration of the ICAO check test flag of the BWS Quality Check method but at you can use the Pic4Pass online ID photo service to create compliant passport or visa photos.