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event_note July 11, 2013

Page does not exist anymore!

The BioID Apps page is no more. At the BWS File Upload section (login required) you can find most of the functionality of the former page. 

While you need to Sign in to use the BioID Identity methods we offer two web applications you can use without any account.

If you visit the BioID Apps you can choose between the biometric demo web applications Extract Face and Pic4Pass.

These are web apps utilising the BioID Web Service (BWS). They are showcases for BWS implementations besides verification or authentication and identification - the more common tasks for a biometric system.

Extract Face and Pic4Pass currently support only the face trait. You can provide voice trait samples to the apps but the result will be TraitNotSupported: Quality checks for voice trait are not yet supported by this service.

The Extract Face web app finds and cuts out the face in an image. This is a demonstration of our face finder's capabilities. The Pic4Pass web application extracts the face and checks the resulting image for ICAO compliance. This is something needed for official documents like biometric passports or e-passports.

The TestFlags enumeration list is used to select the two different use cases of the BWS Quality Check method resulting in these two demo apps. In the following blog posts we'll describe the two applications in more detail.