BWS command line interface using SOAP

event_note June 11, 2014

In a previous post we explained how to build a VisualStudio application that can access a BioID Web Service (BWS) using SOAP requests and gave you some C# sample code. Now we bring this code to the next level by providing a complete Windows command line interface for the BWS in .NET.

The application BWScli is a simple Windows command line interface written in .NET that executes a single command at a BioID Web Service (BWS) via SOAP. It has been developed using Visual Studio 2013 (using the procedure as described in the mentioned post).

To keep this post short, we put the complete code, project, solution, etc. on GitHub. The interesting code is in Program.cs, but you should also have a look into App.config, which shows how to configure the access to a BWS.

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