The New Playground

event_note April 27, 2015

We recently published a new version of our BioID Playground web site matching the layout and style of our BioID Company Website.

But we also made some changes in the website's structure.

There are three main topic fields now.

Explore Biometrics

In this section you can actually play with biometric operations. First you have to create a profile. This is needed for your exclusive access to your biometric data: the image and voice samples and the biometric template.

Then you can enroll yourself to the BWS playground and play with the biometric operations Verify and Identify.

To access your profile simply click on your name in the upper right corner after logging in.

BioID Web Service

This is the section where you can find a lot of explanatory material about our service and the technology developed by us. This includes the Release Notes, the SOAP and RESTful Web API documentation and our liveness detection.

BioID OAuth 2.0

Here we describe how to implement our new OAuth 2.0 authorization framework. You can use a simple biometric authentication service to let your users login into your service.

Of course we use the service ourselves. After registering for our Playground and an initial enrollment you can login with biometric authentication into our sites.