The New User Management

event_note April 28, 2015

On the new BioID Playground we changed the user management. For the old BioID Playground we used identity federation to allow for logins with your Facebook or Google account. We have implemented our own identity provider now. Thus you can no longer use your credentials of an other service to login into BioID Playground or the BioID website.

You can create a new BioID account for free. If you want to use your new BioID account to manage your existing BWS client, please send an email to

After the account creation and your initial enrollment you can login biometrically into our BioID Playground! This was one motivation for us to change the login mechanism. You can still use the combination of username and password if your browser won't support camera access.

For account creation you need to provide an email address. So how does that go with our statement that the service is anonymous?

First of all you don't need to put a real mail address in there. We just need some unique identifier to denote your storage space for the samples and biometric template. However without a real email address services like password reset won't work obviously. Take a look at our Privacy Policy if you want to know how we handle the data you provide.

But this information is only needed for the identity provider. The BioID Web Service itself still provides Privacy by design.