Applying for a free BWS trial instance

event_note May 22, 2015

It has been a while since the first blog post Applying for a BWS trial instance was published. Basically the process stayed the same but there some minor updates we'll explain in this blog post.


First you'll have to register for a free BioID account. Either click on the Log in links on the upper right corner on our web pages and follow the Register links on the login page or jump directly to the registration form.

You'll need to supply a valid mail address and of course a password to protect you account data. The mail address is later used to send you the details for accessing your trial instance.

After registration and login you can right away enroll and play with the biometric verify and biometric identify operations. After your enrollment you can also login into your account using your user name and face biometrics.

Apply for a Trial Instance

On BioID Playground just click on the blue Request an API key ribbon in the upper right corner. This will lead you to the page BioID Web Service 30-Day Trial Instance Requisition form. Fill out the form and click on Send Request.

After processing the request you'll get an email to the mail address you provided with instructions how to access the BWS Portal. Be patient, this may take a day or two!

Start Development

Now you can try out the RESTful or SOAP API of our BioID Web Service (BWS) for 30 days for free! In the BWS Portal you can download the BioID Client Certificate for accessing the SOAP API or register Client App for using the RESTful API. Head over to our blog for examples how or start digging into the documentation.

Please use the service in an responsible way so that other users trying out the service are not impaired.