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event_note July 11, 2013
Page does not exist anymore! The BioID Apps page is no more. At the BWS File Upload section (login required) y

BiometricClassID != ClassID

event_note May 23, 2013
Recently there was some confusion about the ClassID used to access the biometric data stored by the BioID Web Service

BioID Identity Hidden Gems

event_note April 21, 2013
At 'Test Biometrics' section on the BioID Playground you can try out enrollment, verification and identificati

Good Practices for Image Sample Uploads

event_note February 21, 2013
Of course the processing speed of the BioID Web Service (BWS) operations is mostly depending on our

Why we use SOAP...

event_note February 01, 2013
tl;dr BWS was not designed for end-user consumption. Therefore, it's about server to server communication. REST is more about client to serv

Manage your Patterns

event_note January 21, 2013
With the new release of the BioID Web Service you may have noticed that one setting is not available on the enrollment page anymore: Overwri

BWS Client Certificates and Java

event_note January 15, 2013
In the previous blog post we described how the client certificates are installed in the Microsoft Windows certificate store. If you use cert

BWS Client Certificate Installation

event_note January 08, 2013
The BioID Web Service utilizes client certificates for access control. Those certificates are similar to certificates used for securing web

BioID Web Service Deployment Scenarios

event_note December 17, 2012
Today we will describe three common deployment scenarios of the cloud-based BioID Web Service (BWS). The BWS depicted in the diagrams are th

Verification failed?

event_note December 05, 2012
If you verify an enrolled BCID (Biometric Class ID) with an image on the BioID Playground Server you may get t

BWS with VisualStudio and C#

event_note November 20, 2012
Here comes a sample of how you can access the BioID Web Service (BWS) from a VisualStudio project in C#. Add a Service Reference (NOT a Web

Test the BWS accessibility with curl

event_note November 14, 2012
In previous posts we explained how the tool wget can be used as well as Windows PowerShell to test the connectivity to the BioID Web Service

Test the BWS accessibility with wget

event_note November 12, 2012
The tool wget can be used to test the BioID Web Service client certificate similar to Windows PowerShell as d

Extract the certificate and key from a PKCS#12 file

event_note November 02, 2012
Normally we send out the BioID Web Service client certificate and private key as a PKCS#12 https://

Test the BWS accessibility with PowerShell

event_note October 21, 2012
The BWS client certificate can be tested with a simple command line request in Windows Powershell. The commandlet Invoke-WebRequest https://

No Silverlight? No Problem!

event_note October 02, 2012
Our demo system BioID Playground showing our biometric technology uses a user interface developed with Microso

Is it Me and Who am I?

event_note September 18, 2012
After enrollment you can proceed with two interesting services: verification and identification https://playgr

Enrollment 101

event_note September 17, 2012
Of course you can simply start uploading some images and then proceed to the more interesting parts of the service. But it cannot be oversta

Boosting Your Enrollment Fu

event_note September 17, 2012
You may have read our post Enrollment 101 already but there are even more ways to improve the quality of the enrollment. We All Get Older… .

First Steps Using The Playground

event_note September 15, 2012
Before you can start playing around with the biometric services on the BioID Playground first the system has to get to know you. This proces