BWS PowerShell Cmdlets

The BWS Powershell Commandlets can be used to test an BWS instance from a client system and to use the service via scripting. The commandlets correspond to the SOAP API calls of the BioID Web Service, e.g. Get-BWSStatus (status API) or Invoke-BWSVerify (verification API).

  • Get-BWSIsEnrolled – Finds out whether a user is already enrolled for a specific trait.
  • Get-BWSStatus – Requests status information from a BWS installation.
  • Invoke-BWSDeleteClass – Deletes a class from the storage of a BWS installation.
  • Invoke-BWSEnroll – Performs the enrollment of an individual by calculating and storing a biometric template for each trait represented by the given samples.
  • Invoke-BWSIdentify – Performs a one-to-many comparison of the given samples with the stored biometric templates in order to identify the individuals that are most likely represented by the given samples.
  • Invoke-BWSQualityCheck – Performs a rigorous quality check, which is crucial for enrollment, verification or identification.
  • Invoke-BWSVerify – Performs a one-to-one comparison of the given samples with a stored biometric template in order to verify that the individual is the person he or she claims to be.


First of all, download the zipped version of the BWS Cmdlets installation package and unzip it.

To install the  BWS PowerShell Cmdlets on a client system, simply copy the complete directory BWSCmdlets from the installation package into a directory listed in the Environment Variable PSModulePath ($Env:PSModulePath), for instance in $Env:ProgramFiles\WindowsPowerShell\Modules for all users or into the directory C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\ for an individual user.

The module is automatically imported if a command from the module is used (from Windows PowerShell Version 3), or it can be manually imported for the current session with the command import-module .

PS C:\> import-module BWSCmdlets
PS C:\> get-module -FullyQualifiedName BWSCmdlets | fl
Name              : BWSCmdlets
Path              : C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\BWSCmdlets\BWSCmdlets.psd1
Description       : Calls into the various APIs of a BioID Web Service installation.
ModuleType        : Manifest
Version           : 1.2
NestedModules     : {BWSCmdlets}
ExportedFunctions :
ExportedCmdlets   : {Get-BWSIsEnrolled, Get-BWSStatus, Invoke-BWSDeleteClass, Invoke-BWSEnroll...}
ExportedVariables :
ExportedAliases   :

To uninstall the PowerShell Cmdlets, simply delete the directory from the path for PowerShell Module. The path can be determined with the command (get-module BWSCmdlets).path .

PS C:\> (get-module BWSCmdlets).path
C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\BWSCmdlets\BWSCmdlets.psd1