Requests status information from a BWS installation.

    Get-BWSStatus [-BWS] <string> [-Certificate] <X509Certificate> [<CommonParameters>]

    Gets the status information from a BioID Web Service (BWS) installation including its product version and the
    complete deployment label as well as a list of the enabled features.

    -BWS <string>
        Specifies the BWS installation that shall be queried. You can simply use the hostname like '' or
        the entire URL, e.g. ''. If scheme and/or path are not given, the
        defaults (https, BioIDWebService.svc) are used.

        Required?                    true
        Position?                    1
        Default value
        Accept pipeline input?       false
        Accept wildcard characters?  false

    -Certificate <X509Certificate>
        Specifies the client certificate that is used to authenticate the BWS client. Enter a variable that contains a
        certificate or a command or expression that gets the certificate.

        To find a certificate, use Get-PfxCertificate or use the Get-ChildItem cmdlet in the Certificate (Cert:)
        drive. For example:
        get-childitem -path Cert:\CurrentUser\My\1234567890ABCDEF1234567890ABCDEF12345678

        If the certificate is not valid or does not have sufficient authority, the command fails.

        Required?                    true
        Position?                    2
        Default value
        Accept pipeline input?       false
        Accept wildcard characters?  false

        This cmdlet supports the common parameters: Verbose, Debug,
        ErrorAction, ErrorVariable, WarningAction, WarningVariable,
        OutBuffer, PipelineVariable, and OutVariable. For more information, see
        about_CommonParameters (https:/

        Returns the status of the BWS installation. As BWS returns the status as an XML-Message, the status is parsed
        and converted into a .NET object.

    -------------------------- EXAMPLE --------------------------

    Get-BWSStatus -BWS -Certificate (get-childitem -path

    Fetches the status from the default BWS multitenant instance using the specified BWS client certificate. If you
    are interested in details of the status, e.g. the BWS storages and partitions you can use on the specified host
    with the given certificate, you can use something like:

    $cert = gci Cert:\CurrentUser\My\1234567890ABCDEF1234567890ABCDEF12345678
    $status = Get-BWSStatus $cert
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