Access the BioID web service with RESTful web API

For a simplified access to the BWS we provide a HTTP based RESTful Web API (sometimes also called the BWS Extension). This web API is accessible via standard HTTP methods by a variety of HTTP clients including browsers and mobile devices.

In addition to the web API a unified user interface is provided, where the developers can redirect their users to perform various biometric tasks. This user interface is carried out as an application of the BWS Web API and even provides source code with documentation and a jQuery module that developers can use in their own user interface implementation.

Before you begin

You need to have access to an existing BWS installation. If you don't have this access, you can register for a trial instance.

To use the BWS Web API you need to have at least one BWS client application registered. You register client applications in the the BWS Portal.

BWS Web API base URI

The base URI of the BWS Web API is the combination of the URL of the BWS installation for which your BWS client is registered followed by the extension resource name. To this base URI you simply have to add the name of the web API you want to access. For example, if your client is running on the BWS multitenant installation, the BWS Web API base URI is https://bws.bioid.com/extension

API Workflow overview

Using HTTP basic authentication

Using HTTP basic to get a BWS token

Using the BWS token

Using HTTP basic and the BWS token

Other calls


You can take a look at this script that play through enrollment, verification and identification for a couple of images. To execute you still need to provide some images, see the comments in the file for instructions. Execute with csi.