Build biometrics with BioID


BWS API Reference

Here you can find the developer documentation for integrating our APIs with REST or SOAP protocol. Among others, you will find our APIs for PhotoVerify, Liveness Detection, Enrollment and Verification. We provide a walkthrough for all Web API calls as well as general sample code and explanations.


BWS Management

For the management of all BioID Web Service (BWS) installations, a centralized BWS Management API is used together with a uniform control interface, the BWS Portal. Installation administrators as well as client developers will find relevant information on how to install and manage BWS.


BWS PowerShell Cmdlets

The BWS Powershell Commandlets can be used to test a BWS instance from a client system and to use the service via scripting. The commandlets correspond to the SOAP API calls of the BioID Web Service.


Release Notes

Here you can find our latest releases including new functionalities and solved issues. Information on new APIs as well as technological development can be found.


App Developer Guide

This documentation includes information for integrating the BioID Authenticator App directly into your App. Additionally, explanations are given for generating Inter-App-Communication between your App and the BioID App. Both Android and iOS are supported.



If you want to run BWS on-premise or on your own servers, you can find information on system requirements and installation here. The BioIDSvc is a version of the BioID Web Service (BWS), where the Azure WorkerRole is replaced by a Microsoft Windows service with an identical implementation of the BWS APIs.