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SOAP Method IsEnrolled

Finds out whether a user is already enrolled for a specific trait.

bool IsEnrolled(BiometricClassID classId, Trait trait);

  • Parameters

  • classId
    The BiometricClassID of the person for which to find out whether he or she is enrolled already or not.
  • trait
    The biometric Trait for which to look for a template belonging to the specified person.


Returns trueif a template for the specified class and trait is available, i.e. a verification of the user is possible. Returns false when a template for the specified class and trait was not found, i.e. a verification of the user is not possible. In this case the user needs to enroll the specified trait before performing any biometric action on this trait.


Sometimes it is useful to know whether there is a template available for a specific user and trait before a client tries to perform a verification of this user using this trait. If no template is available, i.e. the user is not yet enrolled, the client could use another authentication mechanism and send the user to the enrollment procedure.

This API has a fault contract of type BioIDWebServiceFault which is used for fatal errors like invalid arguments or missing service, etc.


  • InvalidArgument
    The given classId is null.
  • AccessDenied
    Access to the requested service operation has been denied. Please ensure that you have specified a valid classId and you use a valid client authentication certificate and that this certificate has been announced to BioID GmbH as your client certificate.
  • InternalError
    For some reason BioID is not running or not configured correctly on this BWS deployment.